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A.C.T. Energy Drink
Our business is focused on this Healthy Energy Drink - A.C.T. Energy Drink

A.C.T. Energy Drink

DrinkACT.com the story

DALLAS, Texas. Paul Gravette and Mark McKnight introduce the world's first web-based affiliate marketing program for an energy drink, DrinkAct.com. As a result, A.C.T., "The Feel Good Drink," has already sold over 16,000,000 units worldwide.

DrinkAct.com is a web-based energy drink company founded in June 2005 by Paul Gravette and Mark McKnight. DrinkAct.com intends to become the most powerful web-based energy drink affiliate program in the world by attracting hundreds of thousands of customers from around the globe who simply want to feel good.

Combining experience and a proven track record with direct marketing, Paul Gravette developed the DrinkAct.com concept to combine the viral power of the internet with an intense word of mouth marketing strategy. This model allows independent Dealers to promote the A.C.T. "Feel Good" drink brand in a viral community of people with common interests. The result: independent Dealers gain an unparalleled platform for personal promotion and profit.

Through DrinkAct.com proprietary software, all Dealers wanting to profit from the energy drink industry can immediately open their own free, fully functional DrinkAct.com web-based store. DrinkAct.com is revolutionizing the way energy drinks are marketed. DrinkAct.com is designed to provide a fun and exciting experience whether you're looking for a part time hobby or a serious global business. DrinkAct.com is built around the belief there is nothing more powerful than a personal referral. When someone you trust recommends something that makes them "Feel Good", you are more likely to value that recommendation.

DrinkAct.com is quickly developing an energy drink giant.

the A.C.T. vision

Drinkact.com is well on its way to changing the landscape of how consumers not only choose what energy drinks they buy, but also how they buy them. DrinkAct.com is also re-defining customer loyalty by allowing those customers to become Dealers, and for the first time,  participate in the $93 billion a year beverage distribution business. 

A.C.T. "Feel Good" drinks, e-commerce tools and business management software are made available for virtually anyone to own and operate their own DrinkAct.com store. DrinkAct.com is rapidly recruiting everyday energy drink fans as Dealers, allowing them to promote the drinks, as sort of a guerilla marketing play.

It's all about the next generation of web retail. It's about marketing to groups of people with the same interests.  In the opinion of many industry insiders, the DrinkAct.com business model, or "Bevolution" , is the next big thing.

"In the web / affiliate business, we've always known that personal referrals and relationships lead to business. DrinkAct.com is capitalizing on this by marketing the A.C.T. "Feel Good" drinks to customers, street team marketing groups, store retailers, and others with a large audience of energy drink fans," says DrinkAct.com founder and owner Paul Gravette.

 "It's different than most home based operations because at DrinkAct.com, it's free to become a Dealer and you don't have to buy thousands of dollars worth of drink inventory. We handle all the shipments, tracking and support for you.  For the first time in history, fans of an energy drink product can also participate in the actual distribution model and profit from it."

The core base of customers for A.C.T. "Feel Good" drinks is almost three times the demographic age as compared to other energy drinks on the shelves today. The healthy aspect of the A.C.T. "Feel Good" drinks has caused a fan base to grow into hundreds of thousands of people that have experienced A.C.T. drinks in the first two years. Thousands of these fans have gone on to become successful Dealers with DrinkAct.com.

You are officially invited to join the DrinkAct.com BEVOLUTION !

Experience The Breakthrough Energy Drink of the Decade! Over 16,000,000 A.C.T. energy drinks served in the first 26 months.

A.C.T. is a breakthrough energy drink that generates a super- charged nutrient uptake into your body's cells within 10-15 minutes! As a result, you will experience the healthy, full body revitalization that only A.C.T. can deliver... for hours at a time! Whether it's morning, afternoon, or night, A.C.T. will keep you on the go. Experience for yourself what consumers around the world are calling the " Feel Good" drink! Every cell in your body depends on energy to perform critical functions. Most people eat foods high in calories and low in nutrients, curtailing the cell's ability to perform. A.C.T. targets specific metabolic pathways to create optimal balance and performance at the cellular level. Nutrients abound in plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. A.C.T. drinks combine specialized crystalline extracts from these various natural sources with a proprietary blend of ingredients to produce positive results. Have both ENERGY and NUTRIENTS working together for you, as advanced science and nature are united in every serving of A.C.T.!

A.C.T. Energy Drink FAQ's

Ok...A.C.T. does work in minutes and lasts for hours. What's the secret?

A.C.T. is a culmination of 9 months of Research and Development in our Laboratory. We went through 80 different production trials before finalizing the formula. The "secret" is the delicate balance of extraordinarily effective ingredients that work synergistically together on a cellular level, creating a mental and physical energizing effect.


What is the difference between A.C.T. and the other Energy Drinks on the market?

First of all, philosophy. Most Energy Drinks on the market today create a response by mega-dosing the system with high levels of unhealthy ingredients such as sugar and caffeine anhydrous. By attacking the central nervous system in such a manner, you will get a superficial, temporary surge of energy. Problem is, it only lasts for a little while with the unhealthy jolt-and-crash cycle being hard on the body.

A.C.T. works on a completely different level as it has been designed to target metabolic pathways to create optimal balance and performance at the cellular level. As a result, the effect of the product can be felt for hours at a time. The goal with A.C.T. was to create the "World's First Healthy Energy Drink" to work "with" the body and not "against" it to get a superior result. We have accomplished that.

How does A.C.T. work together with Vitalagy?

A.C.T. has been formulated to work hand in hand with Vitalagy. There are ingredients in each of the products that, when consumed together, create a synergistic effect that research suggests enhances the beneficial aspects of both products. One example of this, according to the University of California at Berkley: by consistently combining L-carnitine (contained in A.C.T.) with Alpha Lipoic Acid (contained in Vitalagy) over time, one may receive significant health benefits which may in turn impact longevity.


What is EGCG and why all the excitement about this ingredient?

EGCG (Epigallocatchin gallate) in Green Tea has been shown to help stimulate certain neurotransmitters that signal the body to increase energy expenditure. In addition, EGCG is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants as it has been shown to be 100 times more powerful at mopping up free radicals that cause cell damage than vitamin C and 25 times stronger than vitamin E. As such, EGCG is so popular that millions of dollars are being spent around the world to further research the benefits of this amazing antioxidant.

M2C Global uses a Green Tea that is specifically standardized for EGCG content. This unique processing method makes the Green Tea ‘de-caffeinated’. The benefits of Green Tea in A.C.T. are directly linked to the EGCG.

Remember, we consider A.C.T. to truly be the "World's First Healthy Energy Drink"!

Can diabetics take A.C.T.?

All diabetics should first consult their primary care physician before taking A.C.T., or any dietary supplement. A.C.T. contains 22 calories and 4 grams of sugar. All diabetics should review the contents of A.C.T. just like they review other foods they eat or supplements they take.


Isn't Guarana a form of caffeine?

Guarana contains many healthful substances, including a natural stimulatory ingredient known as Guaranine. Guaranine is not caffeine anhydrous. In fact, it is molecularly similar to the Theobromine in chocolate. Chocolate is known as the ‘feel good’ candy and A.C.T. is known as the ‘feel good’ energy drink. We believe that Guaranine is a healthier alternative to caffeine anhydrous and is one of the many reasons why A.C.T. works.


Can my children take A.C.T.?

A.C.T. is designed as a natural energy drink. One packet (17 grams) is recommended for an average adult male. You may wish to reduce the amount consumed according to body weight and age. Youth 12 – 18 may take A.C.T. at a limited serving size based on age and weight.


Can I mix A.C.T. with other beverages besides water?

Absolutely! The flexiblilty of the product is one of the appealing aspects.

A.C.T. Energy Drink Testimonials

Candi Latham, Michigan

I've been drinking A.C.T. for 4 months. A.C.T. wakes up my brain! Within 15 minutes of drinking it, I am able to focus on whatever project I am working on and not floating from one thing to the next. I don't feel anxious or jittery, nor do I get an after crash. I have a steady level of energy that keeps me going throughout the day. A.C.T. is my feel good drink!


Derek Barbour, North Carolina

Working in graphics and web design is quite a demanding job. And it comes with alot of headaches and deadlines...don't we all love those? I almost always have 3-4 projects at one time that I have to get done....and done fast! I rely on A.C.T. every night so that I can stay up and "burn the midnight oil" until the wee hours of the morning. I couldn't imagine a day without my A.C.T.!


Tim "TMack" McKyer, Retired 3-time NFL Super Bowl Champ

I have never put anything harmful in my body - I just won't do it. But when I drink A.C.T. , I feel like a brand new individual. I am mentally alert, stronger, faster and quicker! 
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I constantly get approached to try new energy products, with every product promising to help me feel and perform better. I can tell you this; A.C.T. is the only product of choice for me. Where was this drink 5-7 years ago while I was still in the NFL!


Cindy M., Texas

I am so excited about your A.C.T. Energy drink. In just a few short weeks of drinking A.C.T.... I don't have a taste for coffee. I was the Starbucks daily customer. Thank you for this A.C.T. drink that makes me feel so good!


Dave Bluefield, Three Dog Night touring keyboardist

Being in the music business and having to travel from gig to gig for hours on end can beat you up pretty bad.   Then, when you get to the venue you have put out a burst of energy on stage for a couple of hours!  Everybody in the band, the backstage crew and the sound techs all drink ACT to get the focus and energy we need to put on a great show!  When you are in the studio recording it is just as important to stay sharp and focused during incredibly long hours where, once again, everyone from the players to the producers and the engineers are drinking A.C.T.!  We all absolutely love this drink! 


Damon Johnson, Retired NFL Player 

What this product has done for me is immeasurable! Within 5 minutes of drinking this drink, I can literally feel it working in my body! It's hard to explain other than to say I just feel good!  I can see why you call A.C.T. "The Feel Good Drink!"      


In the U.S. alone over 70 million energy drinks are served everyday!


Jazzy Perez, Texas

My kids and I love it!  At night we leave water and On the Go packs of A.C.T. on our night-tables by our bed.  In the morning we mix it right in bed, drink it, and a few minutes later it's kicked in and we are ready to go!!  We just can't live without it! 


Terry Chiplin, High Altitude Trainer

I have been a runner & cyclist for nearly 25 years, and more recently a health and fitness coach for the past 10 years. A.C.T. is the most exciting development I have ever been introduced to, providing a healthy energy drink that has greatly assisted my training, recovery, and my life. 
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A.C.T. gives me the ability to dig that bit deeper when I need to and also recover more quickly after training and racing. A further benefit of A.C.T. is the ratio of sodium to potassium, critical for rapid recovery.


Retailers around the world are allocating more and more rack space to meet the explosive demand for energy drinks.


Nathan Clarke, Professional Cyclist 

I notice when I drink A.C.T. it makes me more alert and focused. In addition, I'm very keen on the benefits of A.C.T., as it ensures quick recovery after hard training.  I took it 1 hour before training one night. After training I got home feeling alert & awake instead of tired and wanting to go straight to bed. The next night I did the same and by the next day I was feeling 95% recovered! 


Adrian Beard, XPD Expedition Team

Adventure Racing is a multi-discipline, multi-faceted and a multi-day style of outdoor, non-stop, endurance racing. XPD Expedition is an Australian 700km race organized and run by Geocentric Adventure Racing (GAR). 
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Adrian's team used A.C.T. for a recent excursion:"Advanced Cell Therapy helped our team endure the arduous XPD 2006, bringing home an excitable 25 placing out of 47 teams !"


Over 31% of U.S. teenagers say they drink energy drinks which represents 7.6 million teens, a jump of almost 3 million in three years.


Jimmy Bailey, Kansas

I started taking the A.C.T. and immediately felt an uplift. I have been having a loss of energy for couple of years, and it was getting worse.  My energy level with 2 or 3 A.C.T. drinks a day is unbelievable compared to what I had a year ago.  If it was not for A.C.T. I would be nearly bedridden now.  Thank you M2CGlobal for the greatest product I have ever used.


Marion Taylor, Marathon Runner

Marion is a well-known long distance runner in Tasmania. She is also on the organizing committee of the prestigious Burnie-Ten race. 
"This HEALTHY energy drink gives me the edge I need to run grueling marathons!"


The number one purchase at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service Stores in Iraq and Afghanistan are energy drinks.


Stan and Angie Harwood, Michigan 

We take A.C.T. everyday and love how it makes us feel! A.C.T. gives us the energy to keep going throughout the day.  We love this product and won't go a day without it! 


Paul  Myers, Airline Captain 

A.C.T. has literally transformed my life! As an International Airline Captain, I am always dealing with long hours, all night flights and jet lag. That of course was until I discovered just how well A.C.T. works. Now, thanks to A.C.T., I routinely fly all night crossing numerous time zones and feel energized and focused. I truly am more alert and safer for the passengers and crew.  A.C.T. is now the centerpiece of what I tell others when dealing with jet lag and travel fatigue. I simply won't take off without it.


Alan Noble, Ireland 

A friend gave me a sample of A.C.T and it was amazing! I describe A.C.T like a gust of wind, blowing away the brain fog, leaving me with better focus and concentration. And it lasts and lasts and lasts!  I just feel so good everyday after drinking A.C.T.   


Victoria Hawthorne, Arkansas 

Since I have been drinking the A.C.T. Energy Drink I am much more focused and completely energized. It definitely lasts for hours! My days are much more productive. I had terrible insomnia for years, so most days I would feel worn down because of restless nights. I now sleep better and I actually want to get out of the bed and get my day started!  This product ABSOLUTELY Rocks!


Tommy Kelley, The Boxing Pharmacist

Working as a pharmacist involves a lot of standing. I had gradually worked up to 4 caffeine tablets a day just to get through my days work. I have been taking the A.C.T now for over 6 months and it consistently gives me a clean sustained energy without the caffeine jitters. For a product like A.C.T to be able to replace a decade of caffeine pill use is remarkable. I also am an amateur boxer and have found A.C.T also gives me that extra boost for a great workout!


It seems everyone is looking for a solution. As a result, the Energy Drink Industry is a multi-billion-a-year industry that grew 60% last year.


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A.C.T. in 12 ounce cans are NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER!

A.C.T. Energy Drink in 12 Ounce Cans - The Healthy Energy Drink

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